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Scheduled Service Change: Shibboleth restart

Last Updated:
2011-04-14 00:00:00
2011-04-15 00:00:00
Brief Description:
User Impact:
very brief outage - 10 seconds? - when users will not be able to use shibboleth authentication.
There is no workaround for this issue
Current Status:
Services Affected:
Full Description:
We will restart the Shibboleth identity provider to pick up a configuration change. This configuration change will result is fewer restarts in the future :) This takes less than 30 seconds. Services that use Shibboleth for authentication/authorization include: Qualtrics, Edublogs, Digital Measures, ILLIAD, ARES, EBSCO, JSTOR, VideoNote, Zimride, Hathitrust, Maxient, localist/events and Cornell...