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Scheduled Service Change: Restart yew8(

Last Updated:
2011-02-17 00:00:00
2011-02-18 00:00:00
Brief Description:
User Impact:
Since the campus relies on DNS round robin, applications that connect to for LDAP will no longer get the data.\n\nThis will happen only during the restart period.
There is no workaround for this issue
Current Status:
Services Affected:
Full Description:
After S&O rebuilt yew8 from RHEL 4 to RHEL 5, they noticed that yew8 had two tier 1 network drops (rather than what we'd ordered, tier 1 and tier 2 for network redundancy).\n\nS&O switched eth1 to tier 2 this week. According to them, it is a good idea to do a quick network restart to clear out some old errors and fully pick up new stuff.\n\nIt will take less than 5 secs to do this restart.