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Scheduled Service Change: RedRover-Secure Authentication Update

Last Updated:
2010-08-30 00:00:00
2010-09-04 00:00:00
Brief Description:
User Impact:
RedRover-Secure users on Windows\nwill need to reinstall SecureW2 before September 11, 2010.\n\nRedRover-Secure\nusers on Macintosh will need to trust the new cert when prompted during\nlog-in.\n
There is no workaround for this issue
Current Status:
Services Affected:
Full Description:
On Saturday September 4, 2010 the RedRover-Secure Wi-Fi service will migrate to an upgraded RADIUS service to ensure clients who use RedRover-Secure at the Ithaca, Weill, and Geneva campuses will be using updated server certificates for transport layer security. This change must be complete prior to Saturday September 11, 2010, when the old server certificates will expire, to avoid interruption...