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Scheduled Service Change: Change default Box sharing settings

Last Updated:
2014-03-20 04:00:00
2014-03-24 04:00:00
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User Impact:
We are notifying all Box users directly, when the change takes place on March 24. The following details will be provided, along with documentation about How to check and change sharing settings for Box collaboration folders:\n\nWhen you create a folder in Box, the new default access level is Collaborators Only. (This is more restrictive. The default used to be Open.) Since this change is NOT retroactive:\n\n• Folders created in the past, containing information that you think should not be widely shared, should be checked to make sure (1) sharing settings are restrictive enough (2) unknown/unintentional collaborators are removed. (If the folders haven't been shared, then there is nothing to worry about.)\n\n• Folders created in the future will require you to make settings less restrictive, if you'd like to use open sharing.\n\nYou can change access levels at any time. Sharing options for collaboration folders include\n\n• Open: anyone with the link can access the content.\n\n• Your Company: anyone with a email address and all collaborators (regardless of their address) can access the content.\n\n• Collaborators Only (new default): the folder is private, and only viewable by you and any collaborators you specify.\n\n• No link: Only collaborators can access the content. You cannot create a direct link to the content.\n\n
There is no workaround for this issue
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Change the default sharing settings in Box to the more restrictive "Collaborators Only" to help protect people from accidental information disclosure. (The default used to be "Open.")