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Scheduled Service Change: Kronos planned outage - 1/2012 MS security updates

Last Updated:
2012-01-13 00:00:00
2012-01-15 00:00:00
Brief Description:
User Impact:
Users will not be able to access the application until the patches and server reboot complete.\n\nClock employees will be able to punch in and out at the clocks; clocks will safely hold the punches pembroke03 server is back online, at which time the punches will be collected.
There is no workaround for this issue
Current Status:
Services Affected:
Full Description:
Kronos will be unavailable this Sunday 1/15/12 beginning at 7am to apply Microsoft’s monthly security updates to the application servers. Kronos is expected to be up and available to users by 7:30am.\n\nKronos time clocks will be operational and will safely hold punches until Kronos is back online, at which time the punches will be automatically be collected.